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Electricity Glossary and Terms+  

                           Ampere                                   Ampere's Law                                Alternating current (AC)

- The ampere is the standard unit of measure of electic current. It is sometimes written as Amp.

- An electric current that reverses direction on a periodic basis. it is widely used to transport power on power lines.


      Alternating Current                       Battery                          energy storing 

-Electric current that reverses direction on periodic basis, is widely used to transport power on power lines 
-A basic electrical component that stores electric charge its capacitors are made from two electrical conductors separated by an insulator.



                      Capacitor                               (RC) Circuits                 Conductors and Insulators


         materials conduct electricity                           Diode                          Electric Current                         AC&DC

- An electronic component only allows current to flow in one direction.


                 direct current                               Electric charge                  Positive Vs Negative                    Electric circuit

-An electric circuit is a collection of electronic components connected by a conductive wire that allows for electric current to flow.

-Electric current is the flow of electric through a material. The standard unit for electric current is the Ampere.


                Current flows                            Electric current                  Electromagnetism                   Electromagnetism and Light


                               Electron                                         Atomic Structure                                               Generator


               Electricity Generation                                       Insulator                                                       Magnetic field  


A material in which an electronic charge does not flow freely and does not conduct the flow of electric current.


        a Magnetic Field                            Ohm                                       Battery voltage                 


                Ohm's law                                              Definition & Relationship                                                  Resistor

- Ohm's law is a law of physics that describe the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance using the equation V=IR

-A resister is basic electronic component that prevents the flow of electric current.

               Resister2                                        Static electricity                                        Static Electricity2 


-The static electricity is build up of an electric charge on the surface of an object. The charge remains in one area rather than flowing to another area.

 Transformer                      Electricity transformers                           Turbine

-A turbine is a machine that transforms rotational energy from a fluid that is picked up by a rotor system into energy.

              Wind Turbine                                Transistor                         Transistor2  

- transister is a device used in an electric circuit to requlate current flow to act as a gate, switch, or amplifier for electronic signals.

Volt - The standard unit of measure for electric potential (voltage).

Watt - The standard unit of measure used for electric power.